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Investment Selection

Halcyon’s investment committee initially forms our ‘house view’ on both long term strategic and short term tactical asset allocations, then leveraging the expertise of external investment professionals to challenge our thinking. This provides a balanced approach of influence and control over the investment selection.

Throughout the year, our investment committee meets regularly with fund managers and develop relationships with external centres of influence who provide input into the ongoing investment monitoring process. The investment committee develops opinions about managed funds and shares, grounded by research and achieved through rigorous, two-pronged fundamental analysis that focuses on long-term ‘drivers’ and ‘outcomes’.  Drivers include a company’s culture, its people and its investment process and philosophy.

Halcyon wants to partner with asset managers and invest directly into companies that are passionate about investing and are building enduring companies with strong corporate cultures and their process and philosophy transparent, clearly articulated, and repeatable.

Our outcomes are the end result of the drivers—the portfolio and performance that come from implementing the investment strategy. Halcyon’s investment committee monitor portfolios to ensure that their holdings accurately reflect, over time, the company’s investment strategy.