Our Investment Philosophy - Halcyon Private Wealth

Our Investment Philosophy

At Halcyon we believe that wealth is grown over time and that investing into any asset class should be done with consideration of a time-frame suited to that asset class.

The appropriate investment time-frame allows you to take on market risk, on the assumption that a long-term investor is able to tolerate short-term losses that come with any type of market exposure. The level of market risk ought to be rewarded with an appropriate risk adjusted return.

Whilst the above view forms the core of our investment philosophy, we are always mindful of the opportunities to be counter-cyclical, patient and opportunistic.

This focus allows our clients to use their long-term focus to reduce risk when prospective returns are unattractive and wait for more compelling opportunities to buy and sell.

At times of market stress when other investors are selling, the long-term investor is able to step in and provide liquidity to the market in return for potential greater return looking forward. The most successful investors take advantage of the fear and gloom, using these tumultuous periods to invest money at bargain prices.

The best opportunities come in times of maximum pessimism.