Simple Certainty | Estate Planning: How We Transform Assets into a Legacy

We spend the majority of our lives building our assets and accumulating wealth. At a certain point, we start thinking about the next generation and what this wealth can do for them. How do make sure the inheritance we leave behind is transformed into a legacy?

Estate planning and asset protection is all about maintaining control of our finances even after we’re gone. Many of us want to leave something behind for our partners, our kids, the generations to come. The worry, however, is that those assets won’t be dispersed as we intended. The last thing we want is the beneficiaries to receive their inheritance, only to see it whittled away by unforeseen circumstances.

How does estate planning work with Halcyon?

You’ve heard us say this often enough, but we’ll say it again regardless: financial matters are complex. Estate planning is no different. To do it right, a lot of scenarios have to be considered if your assets are to go where you want them to.

Here’s what we consider when helping clients with estate and legacy planning:

  • What are your unique circumstances? There’s more to estate planning than just a will, assets and other financial matters. When we develop an estate plan with you as part of your broader financial plan, we pay close attention to your family circumstances. Is your family blended – are their children from previous relationships? Does anyone who stands to inherit have a disability that comes with particular needs? We also look at guardianship and ensuring enduring power of attorney is in place.
  • Structure is another important part of estate planning. We pay close attention to where your assets are held and in what entity. This part is key to ensuring that the tax your beneficiaries pay on receiving their inheritance is as low as it can be.

What estate planning seeks to avoid

We all worry about what will happen when we’re gone, and we want to make sure as much of our legacy ends up in our family’s hands as possible – instead of the government’s. But beyond that, we also worry that our assets won’t be used as intended.

A good estate plan not only protects your assets from the tax man, but also marital and commercial breakdowns, misuse of funds intended for education, vulnerable beneficiaries who might squander their inheritance, potential challenges, and other potential issues.

Develop the right estate plan for your legacy

No two estate plans look alike. Our job is to sit down with you, examine your unique circumstances and identify the potential issues. That way, we can devise a strategy that has the best chance of ensuring the inheritance you leave behind transforms into a legacy that echoes through the generations.

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