ABOUT HALCYON - Halcyon Private Wealth



Halcyon Private Wealth is a privately owned, boutique wealth management firm pioneered and founded by Brian Murray in1985 and succeeded by his son Brendan Murray, a family history we are proud of.  We have successfully built a well established business with over $500 million under management for our valued and loyal clientele.  Due to our absolute dedication to our client’s success, integrity, trust and transparency, our business has been built primarily through referrals received from our clients who have experienced our exceptional customer service and advice. All advisors of Halcyon are owners of Halcyon and are driven and committed to work in the best interests of our clients– they have been hand-picked due to their knowledge and reputation in the industry.


Halcyon Private Wealth’s purpose is to add simplicity to the complex world of our client’s financial lives, certainty that our clients are on the right path to their financial dreams which ultimately leads to greater choices in the life of our clients and their families. We do this because we believe everyone has the right to a life of financial abundance.

The advisors and team at Halcyon Private Wealth achieve this by being curious and understanding what’s truly important in our client’s lives – their dreams, concerns, values and beliefs.

With this knowledge we align simple to understand strategies that are specific and tailored to the achievement of our client’s ultimate outcomes.


Everything we do at Halcyon Private Wealth, everything we learn, refine, develop and create is done for our clients always at the forefront of our minds. We strive to go above and beyond our client’s expectations by enhancing their lives.

“One question we ask ourselves consistently is how can we add more value to our client’s lives?’ Brendan Murray – Managing Director”. 

 Our family based culture at Halcyon Private Wealth creates an environment that ensures we always act with our hearts in the right place, do what we say we will do and openly communicate with our clients and within our team.  Our culture is about creating an environment that is nurturing, educational and one that provides opportunities and choices for clients and staff alike.

Being a part of our organisation is not simply being a client or a team member, it is about being a part of a family that exists to provide an opportunity to achieving outcomes. Whether it is providing financial security and simplicity for our client’s family or working for a company that offers opportunity for growth and reward, the culture at Halcyon is one of passion, understanding and innovation.